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Gaurav Devgan’s work as of 19 February 2016

In front of Camera:

Done Short Film “Stars are Shining” with ajay gupta & films as Lead Role.

Done Short Film with Met Life for corporate training purpose as Supporting Role.

Done Short Film “Winds with Odour” with Dilip as Lead Role.

Done a Feature film with 5 elementz productions as a Character Role.

Done an Assamesse Soap Serial “Indradhanu” with Dipanker Kashyap.

Done a Serial with Starplus “Airline” as Dr. Dixit.

Done a Feature Film “MANTRA” as Character role of Right wing Leader

Done a Documetry on Nirbhaya Case for ZEE NEWS

Done a Corporate Training Film for “NUTRALITE”

Done a Corporate Training Film for “AIRTEL”

1 Glimpse of Mahabharat Shishupal RakhiManuv Acted
2 Dayashankar ki dairy     Dayashankar   Nadira Zaheer Babbar Acted
3 Operation Cloudburst   Capt.husnain Nadira Zaheer Babbar Acted
4 Padosan – a tribute Guru RakhiManuv Acted
5 The Jury No. 9 (The Old man) Reginald Rose’s Acted
6 Seduction Husband Anton Chekhov Acted
7 MummyThakurayin Khanna Ji Anonymos Acted
8 Refund Maths Proffesor Fritiz Caranthy Acted
9 Merchant of Venice Antonio Shakespeare Acted
10 Seagull Konstantin Treplyov Anton Chekhov Acted
11 Shatranj k Khiladi Mirza Sajjad Ali Munshi Premchand  Acted
12 Rashoman Thief Akira Kurosava Acted
13 Muthi Bhar Lafz Blind Poet Anonymus Acted
14 The Just Assasin’s Vivan Albert Camus              Acted
15 The Night of January 16th Detective Homer Van Fleet Ayan Rand Acted
16 Aande K Chilke Gopal Mohan Rakesh Acted
17 Marnoprant Lover/Husband Surendra Verma Acted
18 Nukkad Natak on  Parivartan Veeru Rakhi Manuv  Acted
19 Sunset to Sunrise Mamatya(Prime-minister) Surendra Verma Acted
20 Mahabhoj Dutta Babu/Narotam/Da Sahab Mannu Bhandari Acted
21 Seema T.K. Gulzar Acted
22 Dhai Akhar Prem K Pandit Ji Acted
23 Agni aur Varsha Paravasu Girish Karnad Acted
24 Aashadh ka ek din Velom Mohan Rakesh Acted
25 RAMAYAN  ( RADIO PLAY) Bharat Saraswati Comm. Acted


Done Anchoring/Hosting for following Events:

1. Month Long Anchoring Campaign for NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC CHANNEL at Various RWA

2. Hosted Month Long Activity of “I AM SHAKTI”

3. EMCEE Road campaign for Nivea

4. Comparer in annual event of Lakshmi Bai College, Zakir Hussain College, B.N.C College,

5. Aditi College  (All comes under Delhi University)

6. Hosting for VICE – Educational Institute for annual fest of Punjab Technical University

7. EMCEE Road Campaign for Virgin Mobile

8. Hosting for Max new york life insurance at the opening of there new branch

9. Hosting for the event of Study Overseas – an educational event organised at Eros Hotel

10. EMCEE for SPICE HOT-SPOT Activity at various College

11. EMCEE for Corporate Training for HCL