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Moussaieff Jewellers

The House of Moussaieff, one of the most discreet and exclusive fine jewellers in the world, was founded in the mid 19th century, at the heart of an exotic tale of romance and adventure. In the l850s, Moussaieff, the grandfather of the present owner, and a fearlessly passionate pearl-merchant, spent days and nights riding his camel alongside a caravan of nomads, back and forth across the deserts of Arabia, in search of the most ravishing natural pearls from the Persian Gulf. He bought the pearls directly from the divers and traded them throughout the area for gemstones from India. His knowledge and expertise were handed down to his son, who moved to Paris and established himself as a leading dealer in natural Oriental pearls and precious gemstones, supplying the great Parisian master jewellers of the Belle Epoque and the l920s. Some 40 years ago, the next generation of the Moussaieff family moved to London, where they have built a prestigious international clientele and a worldwide reputation for sumptuously glamorous jewels created from the rarest, most coveted, most beautiful of diamonds, pearls and coloured gems. Today Moussaieff jewels are appreciated by an elite band of cognoscenti, for their daring, dynamic design and for their thrilling mastery of materials, unrivalled at this level of the jewellery world. Alisa Moussaieff, respected and revered in the jewellery industry for her expert eye, her instinct and her passion for extraordinary gemstones, is the mastermind of the family business. An indefatigable perfectionist, Mrs Moussaieff not only searches the four corners of the globe for prize gems, but she personally supervises every detail of the design and manufacturing process, adding a highly individual, personal touch that has become one of the most distinctive hallmarks of the magnificent collection of Moussaieff jewels.
Moussaieff Jewellers
Moussaieff JewellersFriday, November 17th, 2017 at 5:58pm
Contrary to publications, the Moussaieff 7.41ct Vivid Blue Internally Flawless Diamond Ring at Sotheby's Geneva 15th November Magnificient Jewellery Sale was sold by Sotheby's immediately after the auction.
Moussaieff Jewellers
Moussaieff JewellersTuesday, September 12th, 2017 at 1:14pm
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