Google Apps for Work – India

Benefits of Google Apps - India

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If you’re a freelance professional or a small to medium sized business in India then Google Apps for Work can give you powerful tools with significant benefits to perform, compete and grow in your market!

  • In addition to Gmail for Work, each user gets 30GB of online storage with Google Drive that works with all file types and syncs with all your devices.
  • A custom email address is key to continue building your brand and it’s included when you setup your Gmail account.
  • Host video meetings with coworkers and customers using Google Hangouts.
  • Save precious money and time on travel by connecting from anywhere at any time.
  • The admin controls you to setup and manage your users easily and safely, so your data always stays safe.

I’ve partnered with Google Apps for Work to provide you a significant discount on your first year fees per user.

Contact to get started with Google Apps.

Benefits of Google Apps - India

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