Shipra Couture

Shipra Couture by Fashion Designer Shipra Malhotra

See a beautiful presentation of Shipra Couture designed by Fashion Designers India Link

Crafting perfect expressions of beauty & femininity!

Shipra Couture Logo by Fashion Designer Shipra Malhotra

‘The Subaqueous Skerry’ at India’s 3rd biggest fashion event ABIL Pune Fashion Week

Shipra Malhotra rocked the ramp in Pune with her Indian/Bridal collection!

Shipra Couture at ABIL Pune Fashion Week - Fashion Designer Shipra Malhotra with supermodel Bruna Abdullah

Model & Actress Bruna Abdullah says “Just take a look”

Bruna is in Love with work of Fashion Designer Shipra Malhotra!

Necromantic Seduction

Dark, mysterious and dramatic. Shipra’s latest collection is sans much colour! The rhythmic flows of black and gold draw inspiration from the depths of human desire when temptation becomes reasoning!

Shipra Couture by Fashion Designer Shipra Malhotra

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